Mar 152011

3.15.11 Founder and Editor of The Hook Hawes Spencer joins Coy to discuss a variety of local news stories. However, as always, no topic is off limits when these two get together. On today’s agenda: stink bugs, direct flights from Charlottesville to Chicago, Coy’s bartending days, and much more.

  2 Responses to “Charlottesville–Right Now: Hawes Spencer joins Coy Barefoot”

  1. Actually Hawes is right. Stink bugs want to be outdoors. They come in through cracks and can’t find their way out. Pesticides do not kill them, so all you can do is flush or put them back outdoors and seal your houses better. They are annoying, but can be moved without releasing the smell if you are careful. We had ladybugs before this, and there will be something else too.

  2. The China Syndrome is a classic expose of nuclear power plants, and was responsible for Turner falling for Fonda, according to movie lore.

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