Jan 252011

Episode 18 “You Hope That It’s Meat” – The guys are back with another exciting show where they discuss some of the humorous differences between white people and black people, old men remarking about younger women, the car salesman fired for wearing a Packers tie, the lawsuit against Taco Bell, “Golden Voice” Ted Williams leaving rehab and more. Follow the show on Facebook: Outside The Box with Mike and Leon on Twitter: OTBpodcast make sure to visit the new website: OTBpodcast.com and spread the word to your friends!

  One Response to “Outside The Box with Mike and Leon: 1-25-11 “You Hope That It’s Meat””

  1. Wow. Great show. Great ability to stretch and improv. ability. It sounds like the show that could go to the next level, and make some big money in a big market. I’m maybe a bit too old, 44, to contribute as a comic. Hmm. Keep at it.

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