Nov 092010

11.9.10 Charlottesvile Mayor Dave Norris joins Coy to discuss developments in the city’s water supply plan. Mayor Norris talks about his commitment to the water plan and how he believes it can benefit the community. Is the proposed plan right for Charlottesville? How will the public react?

  One Response to “Charlottesville–Right Now: Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris joins Coy to discuss the DEQ’s water supply plan”

  1. I was in the room when Mayor Norris had breakfast with DEA head, David Paylor. Mayor Norris characterized the meeting accurately. Mr Paylor came with nothing in his hands and Mayor Norris similarly came with empty hands. Neither took notes and both had questions of the other in regard to policies and procedures. Neither lobbied for any specific plan. The meeting was friendly and proceeded very well.

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