Feb 242010

Check out the new episode of the UVA Today Radio Show, a weekly five minute segment on WTJU radio. Look for new editions of the show every Wednesday at 11:55 a.m. on WTJU. Afterward, all of the segments will be posted on iTunesU.

Read more about the stories featured in this week’s program:

Astronomers Find Small, Ancient, Late-Blooming Galaxies (Kelsey Johnson)
U.Va. Alumnus Makes Film About Local Teacher and His World Peace Game; U.Va. Education and Media Studies Professors Collaborate on Project (Carol Tomlinson)

Crossword Master and University of Virginia Law Alumnus Will Shortz Brings His Word Games To Grounds (Arthur I. Schulman)

Air Date: 2/24/2010

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Feb 232010

Eric Strucko of the Albemarle County School Board joined Coy to discuss the budget and the proposed move to a block schedule.

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Feb 232010

Brian Wheeler, Executive Director of Charlottesville Tomorrow joined Coy to discuss growth and development. This week on the show:

Feb 232010

Ted Crackel, editor in chief of the Papers of George Washington at UVa, joined Coy to discuss the construction of the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington.

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Feb 232010

Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press joined Coy to discuss the breaking news from the Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce and latest news from the Valley.

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Feb 232010

Courteney Stuart of The Hook joined Charlottesville—Right Now! with Coy Barefoot to discuss the latest information in the Morgan Harrington case.

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Feb 232010

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Feb 232010

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall was recently quoted as saying that disabled children are God’s revenge for abortion. Political scientist Bob Holsworth of Virginia Tomorrow joins Coy to discuss the political fallout from Marshall’s contentious remarks.

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Feb 232010

Delegate David Toscano joins Coy Barefoot to talk about his call for cooperation between Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville during a time when the revenue-sharing agreement is under debate.  Toscano offers his reflections on the agreement, and talks about the possibility of sharing services.

Feb 232010

Dahlia Lithwick, Senior Editor at Slate.com and a columnist for Newsweek, joins Coy to discuss the recent Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FCC. She also explores the strong possibility that President Obama may have to appoint two new justices in the next two years.

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Feb 212010

On the Feb. 21 editon of the Wake-Up Call, host Rick Moore talks with UVA Psychology professor Amori Mikami and grad student Dave Szwedo on a recently completed eight-year study they did about youth and internet social networking, and how it affects face-to-face social behavior.

Feb 202010

Ben NicholsBen Nichols from Lucero was our guest at WNRN this afternoon. He dropped by for an interview with Melissa Agan. He played a bunch of tunes including some unreleased material and some of his solo work. Check out youtube.com/WNRNradio for the videos!