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Peter Van Der Linde of Van Der Linde Recycling joined Charlottesville Right Now to discuss his battle with the RSWA and their efforts to put him out of business.

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  1. I am in principal in conflict with our local government more today than at any time in the past. The idea of suing the waste disposal company that is located at Zion’s Crossroads as I currently understand it,is one of the worst decisions I can imagine a local government possibly making. I had the opportunity to tour this facility not long ago. Anyone who does will come away with the sense that they have just experienced “hope for the future”. EVERYTHING is recycled and resold here in Virginia. State, local and Federal governments should be lined up to offer grant monies to this program. Local officials should be inviting in area officials for tours and looking for ways to create a second such facility on the north end of our county. Who among us could have imagined a place where everything under the sun we disposed of while being processed and reused with out the inconvenience of any sorting on our part? If you were not a “recycling person” before and you are serviced by anyone of a number of local garbage companies, guess what? You are as of 2010. Did one of our locally elected officials really say,” we don’t get involved in those types of legal issues”? We need to elect people who know when to stand up and be counted! If not now, when? If not him, then who?
    This sounds to me like the voice of the same group of people who can do such a horrible job of handling this recent snow removal, in comparison to surrounding municipalities, and then turn around and announce they will start handing out tickets to anyone who’s sidewalk is not cleared. I don’t care what party affiliation you think you need at the local level, ( I for one think there should be no affiliation at the local level ) you need to reconsider these incumbents at the next ballet box oppertunity!

  2. Eddy1/1/2010 2:11:07 PM
    Out of State concern Recycler/Hauler:

    Being in the same business I have been keeping up with all the “TRASH TALK” no pun intend, regarding the Vanderlinde Recycling facility and to be honest I am completely in awe as to why the RSWA would fight saving our Mother Earth!! I work directly with my local City, County, EPA and Governor concerning recycling in my state, and to be honest I find this childish. All my innovative recycling ideas that are the same as Vanderlinde’s are welcomed. I am encouraged by the above mentioned “and I quote” please give us competition. From what I have read there has been more taxpayers and DEQ time/money wasted than it would take to resolve the issue with the best interest of all involved. It is clear the DEQ has stated every complaint has been unfounded, keep crying wolf RSWA and see how long it will be tolerated.

    There should be a meeting of minds involving:

    Citizens/Taxpayers/State to investigate and remove all elected/paid officials due to lack of the taxpayers best interest in mind, not to mention Global Warming, and force BFI/Republic to meet the same recycling standards as Vander Linde’s within a certain time frame or contract with Vanderlinde, his system is working so why not take advantage of it. Who wants to be on a sinking boat when you can sail on a high tech Cruise liner.

    Thank God I live in a State that promotes local, county, state and government body’s to recycle and welcomes pioneers like Peter Vanderlinde and myself. As one reader stated he could have bought a yacht or jet and set back and relax, but he choose to make a difference, I am sure he did not need the money, publicity nor the anguish he has had to endure.

    Good luck and God bless you Mr. Vander Linde.

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