Oct 302008

The third debate between 5th District Congressional Candidates Virgil Goode and Tom Perriello was held On October 28, 2008 in Danville. The Daily Progress reports that a raucous crowd of 300 people were on hand to ask questions of the pair. The event lasts for an hour and 45 minutes.

Special thanks to Vince Isner, a cameraman with the Tom Perriello campaign for providing a feed of the audio.

UPDATE: Connie Stevens at WVTF Public Radio has informed me that there is one more debate scheduled in Martinsville on Monday, November 3rd. Fred Echols will serve as moderator.

  2 Responses to “Goode, Perriello hold third debate in Danville”

  1. Thanks for posting. I didn’t hear any hype leading up to the event, just disappointment about the last one.

  2. Perriello is cool :P Thanks for posting,its fun to read it :D

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