Jun 222008

On this edition of Sunday Morning Wake-Up call show Pete Ronayne and Jim Sofka, two political analyst discuss presidential election 2008 wiath Rick Moore. Topics include candidate experience, whether America is ready to vote for a black man as President, and who would be a more acceptable first lady.

  6 Responses to “Wake Up Call: Presidential Election ’08”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Rick! I’ve been glad to help out with the podcast these past three years. Here’s to three more!

  2. Obama will choose Edwards for V.P., McCain will drop out and hand over the Republican nominee to Condaleeza Rice, who will get alot of Hillary’s votes, and the Republicans will win.


  3. Beth, I wish you had called into the show with that theory. that would have brought out some interesting discussion!

  4. I really think Hilary would be a good VP.

  5. I am pretty sure fund-raising ideas is spam. Somehow comment spam is much smarter than it ever used to be….

  6. Looking at it from the outside, it is looking more and more likely that McCain might be a better choice than Obama, who is starting to sound confused and make 180 degree turns on his pre-nomination speeches. McCain might be a chest thumping, gun toting, war loving Bush-clone, but how much worse can the US get under him, since Bush has brought them down to such a low?

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