Jun 302008

As evidenced by the controversy now ranging between Bill O’Reilly of FOX News and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, Roger Ailes is the rare example of a newsman who makes headlines even while he and his minions cover the politics, entertainment and personalities of our time. Ailes has been instrumental in every notable advance in TV and broadcast news and many of the political and media milestones of the past generation. Kerwin Swint has a new book about Ailes called Dark Genius: The Influential Career of Legendary Political Operative and FOX News Founder Roger Ailes. Swint is an associate professor of political science at Kennesaw State University.

Jun 292008

Local cartoonist Jen Sorensen was the inaugural guest in the WriterHouse Summer Reading Series on Wednesday, June 11, 2008. Sorensen gave a talk illustrated with slides from her newest collection of Slowpoke comic strips, Slowpoke: One Nation, Oh My God! Afterward, she answered questions from the audience and signed copies of her book.

Jun 292008

Covering the Middle East as a foreign correspondent for CBS News, U.Va graduate Kimberly Dozier earned a reputation for being on top of the story. But on Memorial Day 2006, Kimberly Dozier became the story as a car bomb took the lives of her crew, a U.S. Army captain an Iraqi interpreter, and left her in a pool of blood on the street fighting for her life. Her new book is Breathing the Fire, and it reconstructs her path from the bombing to recovery. She joined Coy Barefoot on the June 27th edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now with Coy Barefoot.

Jun 292008

Investigative journalist David Kirby is the author of Evidence of Harm, a 2005 book that explores the possible relationships between autism and mercury contained in thimerosal, a preservative uses in some vaccines. In this interview from June 27, 2008, Kirby claims that the Centers for Disease Control used faulty data on one key study of vaccines. Read his article on the Huffington Post for more.

Jun 292008

Listeners to the June 29, 2008 installment of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call with Rick Moore will get a one-hour lesson in personal finance from one of the region’s top experts. Karin Bonding teaches a personal finance course at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. She answers calls from listeners about how to maintaining a good credit score, the importance of taking responsibility for finances in troubled times and the best way to use your economic stiumulus check.

Jun 292008

This week Darden welcomed its third cohort of MBA for Executives students. Ken speaks with one of our new students, Lori Webber, and with Barbara Millar, director of the program since its inception.

Jun 252008

On the June 19, 2008 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” Coy Barefoot speaks with Pat Enright, CEO of local developer Dominion Development Resources, LLC (DDR).  Enright discussed two major projects his firm has been involved in recently, the Northtown Center development on behalf of developer Wendell Wood, and the proposed dredging of the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir.

  • Northtown Center approved – Phase I of the Northtown shopping center will contain a bank and other retail. Enright described his job as“really trying to align what the client needs, with what they’re allowed to do, with what the residents are going to be impacted by.”
  • Dredging – DDR has proposed that an active quarry 3,000 feet from the reservoir be used as the disposal site for dirt removed from the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir. Enright admits that his company has a financial stake in that piece of land, but argues that this shouldn’t prevent citizens and government from looking at the merits of the proposal. Enright estimates the approximate cost of removing the 2 million cubic yards of dirt currently in the reservoir to be between $24-29 million dollars.

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Jun 252008

In today’s show, written by Matt Kelly, Writer for the UVa News Department, we look at Philander D. Chase, who recently retired as senior editor of the Papers of George Washington, housed at the University of Virginia’s Alderman Library.

Philander D. Chase has spent 35 years in George Washington’s world — and he’s not done yet. “Being a documentary editor is a life, not a career,” Chase said.

Chase, 65, recently retired as senior editor of the Papers of George Washington, housed at the University of Virginia’s Alderman Library. Chase said he will miss the “research, writing, collaboration and interacting with the public…

For more information about the show or to see the full text, visit the Oscar Show’s blog.

Jun 242008

Was Mike Myers ever funny? Of course. WIll he ever be funny again? Hmmmmm…. Ben Nuckols wonders in this installment of WNRN’s 91 Seconds on Film. Read Ben’s review at his blog, the Ill-Informed Gadfly.

Jun 242008

Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson joins the guys, plus Patrick and Q discuss which ACC football coaches are on the hot seat and more.


  • Which ACC football coaches are on the hot seat?;
  • Duke football admits it stinks;
  • Patrick needs vacation advice;
  • Is Carolina baseball a failure?;
  • Rank your school’s sports in order of importance;
  • Two former ACC players are on the U.S. Olympic team;

Jun 222008

On this edition of Sunday Morning Wake-Up call show Pete Ronayne and Jim Sofka, two political analyst discuss presidential election 2008 wiath Rick Moore. Topics include candidate experience, whether America is ready to vote for a black man as President, and who would be a more acceptable first lady.

Jun 212008

Professor Ron Wilcox joins us this week on the Darden BusinessCast to talk about his just-released book “Whatever Happened to Thrift”.