Dec 162007

On the December 9th edition of the Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call with Rick Moore, Commonwealth Attorney-elect for Albemarle County Denise Lunsford joined Rick in the studio. She talks about her experiences with running in the highly contested race against Jim Camblos, and more generally about life in the public eye.

Rick opens the show with a monologue about gift giving.

  3 Responses to “Wake-Up Call: Albemarle’s New Commonwealth Attorney – Denise Lunsford”

  1. Hey – when did this show air? I know we missed one last week. Can you guys make sure you’re posting the air dates in the body of the post?

  2. this show aired on 12/9 and was originally ‘lost’ in the files until Michael Strickland rescued it.

  3. Thanks! I hope people are enjoying it.

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