Apr 252007

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy for the Tuesday growth and development discussion. Issues this week include elections in Albemarle County and Charlottesville, the site of the proposed new YMCA facility, and an interesting situation in the Woolen Mills. Brian also provides an update on the major development projects throughout Central Virginia in this week’s “Speed Round.”

  One Response to “CRN: Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow on elections, YMCA, and “takings by typo””

  1. Never mind tomorrow… tonight at 7pm the USPS is having a townhall meeting to “discuss” closing the cville mail processing facility. We can not have a “world Class” city with a podunk adress. This affects business that is here and business that might consider this area for relocation. It will make a difference to the community in terms of service. The USPS is sensitive to community feedback so please attend the meeting at Charlottesville HS or if you cannot make it- there is a two week period when written comments will be accepted. I am so sorry this issue did not get more attention. It is important.

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