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Holly Hatcher works with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, which has recently handed out nearly $150,000 to area non-profits as part of its Community Endowment awards. Holly joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to discuss which organizations will get a helping hand this spring.


One in one hundred and fifty American children have some form of autism. That’s according to the latest research from the Centers for Disease Control. Reporter Dan Olmstead joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to discuss possible causes of the autism epidemic.


Dr. Benjamin Barber’s new book is Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole. Barber is a fellow at Demos, a research and policy organization, and he joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to discuss the book, which he says puts forth the idea that capitalism is in trouble.”If you can produce goods that meet the real needs of real people, you can make a profit,” says Barber. But he says that certain firms have been building up false needs to make money. Consumed traces Barber’s theory, which alleges that the needs of modern capitalism have encouraged people to spend and discouraged savings.
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In this episode, Ken White interviews Darden Vice President of Alumni Relations Michael Woodfolk, who lays out the big plans for Reunion 2007 coming up April 20-22.


Mike Davidson

It doesn’t matter to me where your political hat falls, this is hilarious. Tech Crunch reported yesterday that John McCains Myspace Profile was allegedly “enhanced” courtesy of Newsvine CEO, Mike Davidson. Apparently Mr. Davidson had given away a profile template for myspace and the McCain camp decided to use it. The mCain crew was also Hot Linking the images off Davidsons server and killing his bandwith. One of the stipulations was that the profile would give a nod to the designer, something the McCain Camp neglected today and as a result the page was “enhanced”. Get the full story over at Tech Crunch

Also, if you’d like to hear from Mike Davidson directly, he joined us on THE DROP and gave the lowdown on everything happening over at Newsvine.com (Something you should check out)

Mike Davidson on THE DROP

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Margi Vanderhye is a candidate for the House of Delegates seat being vacated by Del. Vince Callahan. Callahan has the District 34 seat since 1968. Vanderhye joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to talk about how she thinks the changing dynamics of Northern Virginia politics could open up opportunities for Democrats. The Republicans currently hold an 11-seat majority in the House of Delegates.

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Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now each Tuesday for a discussion of growth and development issues. This week, he and Coy Barefoot discuss the Biscuit Run development slated for south of the City of Charlottesville. The Albemarle County Planning Commission rejected a rezoning request last night, but the development will now go before the county Board of Supervisors in early April.

Waldo Jaquith this week reported on cvillenews.com on the potential for a high price tag of the project.

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Cleto Rodriguez on THE DROP

He’s been on MTV, BET, and Comedy Central and this week Cleto Rodriguez joins THE DROP with the lowdown on the state of Texas and the state of comedy. Cleto talks with Dan about his name in lights, Mariachi Bands and setting goals. Download it Today!


Jed Williams is stepping down as the host of WINA’s Best Seat in the House to take a position in Mobile, Alabama. Jed launched the show two years ago, increasing ratings for the station. Just before recording his final show for WINA, he joined Coy Barefoot to talk about his nine years at WINA and the rest of his career.


In this field report, Mark chats with Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Pattie Bowen, about a recent project she implemented in a fifth grade class.


Local historian Rick Britton joins Coy Barefoot every Friday to talk about days gone by in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. This week, Robert E. Lee’s work in the Army Corps of Engineers before becoming the head of the Confederate Army. Rick explains how Lee helped save the harbor in St. Louis


Violence, political criticism, budget cuts, impeachment, and legislation designed to constrain the judiciary are some of the threats that have existed for judges since the formation of the United States. Recently, several leaders in the legal community have voiced concerns that judicial independence is in jeopardy because these threats could influence judges to make biased decisions. The chorus, led in part by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, is pointing out problems that are non-issues, suggested Judge William H. Pryor Jr. of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit at the Ola B. Smith Lecture March 19. Thanks to Americans’ recognition of the importance of an independent judiciary, now and throughout history, judicial independence is safe, he said. Pryor’s talk was sponsored by the Student Legal Forum and the Virginia Law Review.

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