Charlottesville–Right Now: Charlottesville’s Traffic Curse

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Jan 312007

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy Barefoot every Tuesday for a discussion on growth and development in Central Virginia.

Jan 312007

Chris Graham is with the Augusta Free Press Online in Stanton. On this edition of Charlottesville–Right Now! with Coy Barefoot, Graham discusses the brand new print version of the Press: The New Dominion. The inaugural issue talks about the impact of the movie-making business on Virginia’s economy, the local influx of citizens from Latin America, and problems with Interstate 81. Formerly an online-only venture, Augusta Free Press is moving this month to reach a wider audience with their quarterly magazine, which strives to focus on the why of news stories. The New Dominion will be published every January, April, July, and October; it is available online and at various local retailers around Central Virginia.

Jan 312007

John Cosgrove Del. John Cosgrove represents the 78th District in the Virginia House of Delegates, which covers parts of the city of Chesapeake. He talks with Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now! about several proposed bills in the General Assembly that would affect the Tidewater area.Some issues discussed were HB2951, which would allow for tolls on Route 17, the use of light rail systems in the Hampton Roads area, and the legality of “Payday Lending” loans.Three bills were also rejected today which would have given open access to webcasts of House proceedings. Cosgrove gives his opinion on the issue. He also expresses hope that legislation will be approved to allow cities and counties to install cameras to catch red light-runners.

Best Seat: ESPN’s Jay Bilas on the ACC halfway through the season

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Jan 312007

On the January 31st edition of WINA’s Best Seat in the House, Jed talks with ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas. Jed and Jay discuss the ACC at the halfway point of the basketball schedule. Jay tells why he feels the ACC could be the best conference in the
nation and dissects how his alma mater, Duke, is playing well despite not having the big name players that Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski is accustomed to having.

Best Seat: U.Va-Duke Preview with Ben D’Alesandro

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Jan 302007

On WINA’s Best Seat, Jed talks with former Clemson assistant basketball coach Ben D’Alessandro in studio. D’Alessandro currently does basketball previews for the and looks ahead to this week’s UVA-Duke game with Jed. Led and Ben talk about the battle of strengths between UVA’s three-point shooting and Duke ability to to force teams to take bad shots that may come into play Thursday night.

Jan 302007

Bob Gibson of the Charlottesville Daily Progress joins Coy Barefoot each week for an update on Virginia politics. The General Assembly session is coming close to the halfway point, and this Monday’s discussion begins with a talk about cockfighting. A bill has advanced in the General Assembly to felonize the practice, which has picked up in popularity among immigrants in the state since North Carolina banned the sport last year. But Gibson says the practice has a long and storied tradition in Virginia.

This was supposed to be a General Assembly session that dealt with transportation. After an original declaration of a compromise between Republicans in the House and Senate, things are a little less clear.

“It’s still fragile, and no one knows exactly what’s going to come out,” says Bob. “They have a deadline of Thursday this week for committee action on the two bills.” At issue is how any road projects should be paid for. Taxes or debt financing? Follow the compromise on Richmond Sunlight.

There’s also an update on Sen. Creigh Deed’s anti-gerrymandering bill, which passed the Senate and now awaits action in the House. Waldo Jaquith has posted YouTube video of Deeds speaking just before passage. Coy and Bob also discuss efforts to shore up Virginia’s DNA database for criminals, and the selection process to replace Judge Peatross.

Jan 30: Slavery bill amended, Charlottesville attacks, Biscuit Run meeting tonight

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Jan 302007

It’s a mix of crime and lawmaking on today’s installment of Media General’s Gateway Virginia Headlines. We produce it every day to keep you informed. Click below to hear in your browser, download the mp3, or subscribe in iTunes to make sure you get it every day.

Man will face charges of child neglect (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Man gets 10-year sentence in marijuana case (Lynchburg News-Advance)

Two UVa women attacked, police investigating (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Slavery apology language altered (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Lawmakers take up fight against eminent domain (Lynchburg News-Advance) (HB2954)

County asks more of developers (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Live Arts Preview: The Pillowman takes the stage February 2 through 17

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Jan 292007

Mark Washington, Satch Huizenga and Michael Horan star in The Pillowman at Live Arts Feb 2 through Feb 17. Photo: Jack Looney/C-VILLE Weekly

What happens in the real world when you tell a story? That’s one of the questions explored in The Pillowman, a two-act play that makes its debut at Live Arts this Friday. Lydia Horan directs a cast of eight through this piece by Martin McDonough. Live Arts website describes the Pillowman this way:

A seriously disturbing play about the role of the artist in society, The Pillowman was a critical and audience favorite in New York and London. Kafka, Grimms, and Tarentino intersect in an interrogation room in an unnamed police state, where an unpublished author meets a good cop and a bad cop who probe the connection between his stories and a gruesome series of murders. The Pillowman is for mature audiences. Under 17 may only attend if accompanied by parent or guardian, or their written permission.

I stopped by during rehearsals to find out more about the play, and spoke with Lydia Horan and Satch Huizenga. Take a listen by clicking the arrow below, or downloading the mp3 here.

Jan 292007

Every weekday we produce a two-minute summary of the daily headlines from around Central Virginia, with the goal of keeping you informed of what’s going on. It’s an old-fashioned radio newscast, here on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. You can listen by clicking the arrow below, downloading the mp3, or subscribing in iTunes.

Trial begins today in killing of Caspers (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Shootings, stabbings strike Charlottesville (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Woman faces arson charge (Lynchburg News-Advance)

Coalition keeps tabs on homeless (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Looking for a few good officers (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call: Author Alexis Zeigler on “Culture Change”

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Jan 282007

Alexis Zeigler is a local Civil Activist and author, who just released his book, “Culture Change: Civil Liberty, Peak Oil, and the End of Empire.” On this January 28th edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call, Zeigler talks with Rick Moore about how social issues are often at the root of economic and political problems.

“While we are daily witness to the powers of progress manifest in the extraordinary mechanical technologies we have developed in the industrial age, we remain woefully unaware of the most basic causes of social change in our society. Our lack of social awareness does not result from the difficulty of understanding social problems, it results from the active repression of such awareness.”

You can order the book from Zeigler’s website, or visit the New Dominion Bookshop on the downtown mall this Wednesday, January 31st for the book release party.

Jan 272007

Dave McNair is an author and reporter who published an article in the Hook last week about the fountains on the downtown mall. What fountains, you may ask? That’s because the fountains have been largely ignored in recent years, and the once-beautiful structures have become invisible to pedestrians.On this January 25th segment of Charlottesville–Right Now! with Coy Barefoot, McNair talks about the privatization of the downtown mall, and what has caused the fountains to become defunct. Would they be too dangerous? Should we take the risk? Leave a comment, and let us know what you think!

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Jan 272007

Peter Norton Peter Norton is a historian of technology in the Department of Science, Technology and Society in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. Norton describes his job as being able to help “engineers learn from the past of engineering, because we can learn from our mistakes, but you have to know what your mistakes were before you can learn from them.”

Norton speaks with Coy Barefoot on Charlottesville–Right Now! about his article”Street Rivals: Jaywalking and the Invention of the Motor Age Street,” recently published in the Journal of Technology and Culture. Norton discusses the transition from streets being pedestrian-oriented to becoming the domain of the motorcar, and whose interests were really being served. He is also working on a book called “Fighting Traffic.”