Nov 172006

Steve Safran is the editor and founder of, a website dedicated to tracking the new media revolution. He joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to talk about the latest developments. Microsoft’s released the Zune, its own portable mp3 player, available for $249. Coy and Steve talk about a move afoot to replace the term “podcast”, as Safran says we’re in an era when people don’t quite know if podcasting is a viable medium or not, because a podcast downloaded is not necessarily a download listened to or watched.

“Everyone should challenge the numbers they hear, especially from the people who own the sites,” says Safran. “Everybody’s numbers are off, but that’s okay, because the Nielsen ratings on television are notoriously fuzzy, too.”

Nov 162006

On WINA’s Best Seat, Jed talks with Miami coach Larry Coker. Coker discusses the effect that the death of Brian Pata has had on his team as the Hurricanes prepare to come to Charlottesville this weekend.

Nov 162006

This week, Several dozen Charlottesville residents spent three days eating below the poverty line, living on two dollars and eighty-three cents a day for food. That’s the average amount that a recipient of food stamps to spend.

Michael Strickland is a junior at Charlottesville High School who took part in the Poverty Diet Experience, a project put together by the Monticello Area Community Action Agency to raise awareness of issues of poverty. Michael kept an audio diary of his experiences, which we bring you here. His monologue lasts for about ten minutes, and then features comments from Carol and Leonard Lohman, who talk about how they were able to stay under a budget of $17 dollars for three days. Charlottesville Delegate David Toscano also talks about what he learned.

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Nov 162006

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy Barefoot on the November 14th episode for a weekly conversation on growth and development issues. He talks about recent moves in Loudon County, Virginia and Montgomery County Maryland to stop new construction because of a lack of infrastructure. It’s also already time to begin thinking about the three Board of Supervisor seats up for election in Albemarle County. Brian also catches us up on new projects at the Fontaine Research Park, Biscuit Run.

Nov 152006

Courtney Stuart of the Hook joins Coy Barefoot on the November 14th installment of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to talk about William Beebe’s plea to charges aggravated sexual battery in connection with a 1984 rape. Beebe contacted his victim last year to apologize, and she turned him in. Stuart reports the rape charges were dropped, and that Beebe will now help police find possible other assailants who also participated in the sexual assault of the victim.

Note the use of the YouTube link on the Hook site. They also have it linked on I was under the impression that WordPress didn’t like the embed code. Is there a plug-in I don’t know about?

Nov 142006

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling is on a mission to lose weight, and so this Thanksgiving and Christmas, he’ll be watching what he eats. He joins Coy Barefoot on the November 13 edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to update us on where he stands, and also to announce a campaign dedicated to “Ending Cervical Cancer in Our Lifetime.” It’s a project between Bolling’s office and the VCU Massey Cancer Center. Over 3,700 women die each year from the disease.

Nov 142006

On the November 14th edition of WINA’s Best Seat in the House, Jed talks in studio with Virginia basketball coach Dave Leitao. Leitao talks about Sunday’s 93-90 win over Arizona that opened the John Paul Jones Arena.

Nov 142006

On the November 14th edition of WINA’s Best Seat, Jed hosts the weekly UVA Writer’s Roundtable with Jay Jenkins of the Daily Progress. Jed and Jay preview Saturday’s home football game between Miami and Virginia.

Nov 142006

Peter Thompson is the executive director of the Charlottesville Senior Center, and Bruce Keith is a lead volunteer at the center. They joined Coy Barefoot on the November 13th edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to talk about the Center’s mission, how it helps attract retirees to the area, and the role that over four hundred volunteers play in running the Center.

Nov 142006

Bob Gibson is the political reporter for the Charlottesville Daily Progress. He joins Coy Barefoot each week to discuss Virginia politics. He says last week’s election ended up being decided by President Bush’s stance on the war, and does not necessarily reflect a changing Virginia. He reminds listeners that two-term presidents usually lose seats at the six-year point of their administration.

In his recent Sunday column, Bob traced George Allen’s political career, describing him as a man who united the Republican Party in the state. He and Coy discuss Allen’s future, and the passage of the gay marriage amendment.

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Nov 142006

In the first of two podcasts from WINA’s Best Seat in the House, Jed talks with Jeff White of the Richmond Times-Dispatch about Virginia’s season opening win over Arizona to open the John Paul Jones Arena.