Jun 112006

Is it possible to stop people from growing old? Dr. Aubrey de Grey of the Methuselah Foundation is one of the world’s leading experts on biogerontology, the study of anti-aging. At least that’s what Mark Patterson says. He and de Grey are the guests on the June 11 Wake-Up Call.

Jun 082006

The Internet helped propel the Howard Dean campaign into financial success, and Jerome Armstrong says the next successful presidential candidate will build on Dean’s success with the blogosphere. In 2001, Armstrong started the political blog MyDD, which inspired other Democrats to take up the practice. He’s written a book with Markos Moulitas (the guy behind Daily KoS) called Crashing the Gate: Grassroots, Netroots and the Rise of People Powered Politics. Armstrong is also working with former governor Mark Warner’s Forward Together PAC. He spoke to Coy Barefoot on the June 6 edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now about the future of the Democratic party in a digital age.

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Jun 062006

Storytelling and musicmaking are two of the themes that weave through the nine plays selected by Live Arts for its upcoming sixteenth season. Artistic director John Gibson announced the selections last night at a preview party, and I stopped by to find out what’s coming up.

Jun 052006

A dozen years, several conferences, a score of books, and hundreds of scholars from twenty countries. Radio producer Sean Tubbs talks with Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy, Saunders Director of the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies about the Center’s work fostering and sharing new Jeffersonian scholarship at home and abroad.

Jun 042006

Mark Thompson grew up in Charlottesville, got a biology degree from James Madison University, moved to Portland, and became a brewer of beer. Now he’s the master brewer at Starr Hill Brewery in Charlottesville. On the first weekend of June, Mark joins Rick Moore to talk about this most delicious of beverages, and about starting your own business.

In the monologue, Rick talks about how the war in Iraq came home to him this week when his friend, CBS reporter, Kimberly Dozier, was injured in a roadside bombing.

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Jun 012006

Canine Campus, an Earlysville-based dog obedience training company, has released its third podcast. From their website:

“In the third part of our series on adult and adolescent obedience, we’ll wrap up the class with a discussion on the difficulties of generalization, the life cycle of a behavior (“from new to known”), the different types of rewards we use to encourage desired behaviors, and a few more tips on capturing behaviors for recall and house training.”