Mar 092006

The new episode of the Food Geek is about the darker side of cooking. Well, not really, but there are some complaints about fake science, over-pretention, and not paying attention to recipes. There’s an attempt to use actual music in the episode, and an exploration of how to not use advanced audio equipment. For more info, and links to magazines, music, and airlines, check out the show notes.

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Mar 072006

In this installment of WNRN’s 91 Seconds on Film, Ben Nuckols gives his take on Tyler Perry’s smash hit film Madea’s Family Reunion.

Mar 052006

It’s Oscar night, and that means the moment everyone’s been waiting for all year. It’s WNRN’s annual Oscar program on the Wake-Up Call. Rick Moore speaks with the 91 Seconds on Film team about this year’s batch of entries. Tom Dumontier, Kim Lo and Ben Nuckols make their predictions.

In the monologue, Rick rails against the practice of giving celebrity presenters gift bags filled with such trinkets as Lasic surgery coupons and work-out sessions with Joe Frazier.

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Mar 022006

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

Virginia’s not the only red state with recent experience with a popular Democratic governor. Brian Schweitzer has been Montana’s chief executive since January 2005, and has a 69 percent approval rating according to Wikipedia. Schweitzer spoke on March 1 in the Rotunda as the guest of University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. He’s introduced by Center director Larry Sabato and speaks for about seventy minutes including a Q&A session.

Thanks to CPN Volunteer Sean McCord for recording the sound.