Feb 082006

More than 100 local business and technology leaders gathered February 7 as the Virginia Piedmont Technology Council and the Thomas Jefferson Economic Development Partnership co-hosted “Toward a Common Vision: A Call to Action,” the third in a series of annual conversations about issues shaping our region’s economic development. This year, as for the past two years, the event was sponsored by Wachovia. The luncheon was held as part of the VPTC Speaker Series at the Omni Hotel. Former VPTC Chair Bryan Wright and partner in the law firm Williams Mullen served as moderator.

The speakers are: Dr. Catherine Renault, program manager for technology-based economic development with RTI Tech Ventures in Research Triangle Park; Jeff Anderson, executive director of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership; Robert De Mauri, executive director of TJPED.

Rundown of event:

00:00 – 01:23 – Opening comments from VPTC Director Gail Milligan
01:23 – 02:54 – Comments from Scheline Moore of Wachovia
02:54 – 09:53 – Comments from moderator Bryan Wright of Williams Mullen
09:53 – 12:13 – Bryan Wright introduces the speakers
12:13 – 32:53 – Catherine Renault of RTI International
32:53 – 35:38 – Introduction of Jeff Anderson by Bryan Wright
35:38 – 45:57 – Jeff Anderson of the VEDP
45:58 – 47:23 – Introduction of Robert De Mauri by Bryan Wright
47:23 – 58:40 – Robert De Mauri of TJPED
58:40 – 1:17:11 – Question and Answer session
1:17:11 – 1:18:02 – Closing comments from Gail Milligan

Feb 082006

In the third of four conversations on the “The Persistence of Poverty”, a series of speakers address the poverty of underemployment. This event was held on January 31 at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church. Speakers include Meredith Richards, Jan Cornell of the U.Va Staff Union, Labor History Professor Claudrina Harold of the University of Virginia, Westhaven resident Theresa Arabie and Joe Szakos of the Virginia Organizing Project. The program is moderated by Neil Halvorson-Taylor of the Quality Community Council. Thanks to CPN Volunteer Sean McCord for recording this event.

Feb 062006

As movies and television have aged, become older mediums, they also become more respected by academics and journalists. Among those who study pop culture is Paul Cantor, professor of English at the University of Virginia. He’s the author of Gilligan Unbound: Pop Culture in the Age of Globalization, a comparison of three hit shows from different decades. How is Gilligan’s Island representative of Americans in the 60′s? How do The Simpsons show different cultures in the small town of Springfield? Were you aware that The X-Files displayed the importance of the internet well before it became a part of everyday life? Rick Moore talks with Cantor in the February 5 edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call.

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Feb 062006

One of the great things about podcasting here in Charlottesville is the wide variety of podcasts available. Monticello has also gotten in the game, and has sponsored Sean Tubbs to produce a series of reports about various aspects of our most celebrated tourist attraction, Jefferson’s mountain-top home. Most recently Sean visited the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, a unique program designed to preserve our nation’s heritage plants.

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