Brad Richard: Author, Speaker, Podcaster

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Dec 232005

Brad Richard

We’re almost a year into the podcasting phenomenon, and the success of the medium has been more than most people had predicted. Later on this month, we’ll produce a year-in-review podcast that will sum up our thoughts on 2005 and give a preview of what we hope to accomplish in 2006.

In the meantime, though, we’d like to introduce Brad Richard, a motivational speaker and author who has turned to this new medium to reach new audiences. Brad is producing a talk show through Odeo, one of the many podcast sites out there. He’s aiming to produce a weekly program to help people move ahead with their lives by confronting their fears.

Brad Richard’s Alive Wired U

In the weeks to come, Brad will be using the CPN studio to produce an installment or two for us. We’re excited to be working with him in the future, and hope to be speaking with you about podcasting in the coming year.

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Santa Claus visits the Wake-Up Call this Saturday

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Dec 162005

Not only are we lucky enough to have winter in December this year. We also have an appearance this Sunday morning by one of the world’s richest men. Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus will be on WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call this week at 11:00 A.M. As always, we’ll provide a podcast of the show should you miss it, but the only way to give your daughter or son a chance to talk to the big man is to call the show. Rick Moore tells me that Santa’s people say 11:20 is the time Santa will be calling, so make sure you’re listening!

Wake-Up Call: Improving the criminal justice system

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Dec 132005

The December 11 installment of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call dealt with our nation’s criminal justice system and how it can be improved. Rick Moore talks with three people from the organization Offender Aid and Restoration. From emotional therapy to job skills to restorative justice, there are many ways to provide alternatives to the current criminal system and help reduce recedivism.

The Many Faces of Jane Eyre

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Dec 082005

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Charlotte Bronte, the author who gave millions of school children something to read with the publication of Jane Eyre. The novel is one of the most common in the English language, and the Rare Book School is honoring Bronte with a look at the ubiquitous nature of this classic in a special exhibit in the Rotunda called Eyre Apparent, which features a look at the depth at which the novel has penetrated pop culture, and to show that there’s much more to a book than its text.

Barbara Heritage is curator of collections at the Rare Book School. I met her recently at Alderman Library while she was putting the exhibit together and asked her to describe a shelf containing much in the way of Eyre paraphrenalia.

Wake-Up Call: Elderly Issues this Christmas

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Dec 042005

What will you do for the elderly this Christmas season? That’s one of the topics on this week’s installment of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-up Call. Jeanne McCusker of Home Instead Senior Care joins Rick Moore for this hour-long look at issues facing senior citizens. Did you know that fifty percent of those in nursing homes will not have a visitor over the holidays?

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Dec 012005

What’s the best new way to sample the Central Virginia real estate market? Podcasting, of course! Jim Duncan has hired Flying Dog Media and Wordcast Productions to produce enhanced podcasts of properties he is currently marketing. Read about it on his site or subscribe to his podcast feed using iTunes .

Jim Bain is responsible for turning these audio podcasts into enhanced podcasts. Jim writes:

These podcast aren’t just audio, they are “enhanced” podcasts. Enhanced podcast include photos synchronized with the audio and are viewable iTunes. Checkout the lower left-hand corner as the podcast plays and you’ll see the image change. Resize the left column for optimal viewing. Real estate marketing will never be the same!