Sep 202005

Should Charlottesville switch to an elected school board? Currently, the City Council appoints the seven members of the school board, but a group of concerned parents has managed to get a city-wide referendum on the ballot to ask citizens if an elected board should be adopted. On Saturday September 17, the Charlottesville Democratic Party held a debate on the subject at the offices of the Jefferson Area Board of Aging. Moderated by Assistant U.S Attorney Timothy Heaphy, the panel consisted of current school board member Muriel Wiggins, City Councilman Kevin Lynch, U-V-A History Professor Jeffrey Rossman, Albemarle County School Board member Steve Koleszar, and U-VA Urban and Environmental Planning Professor William Lucy. The program runs for an hour and a half.

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  1. […] ve Koleszar, and UVa professor William Lucy. Sean Tubbs recorded the proceedings, and has a podcast up on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. The question of whether Charlottesville should move […]

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