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The world recently celebrated the 130th birthday of Carl Jung, and in Charlottesville, counselor Len Worley gave a talk in his downtown office about the Swiss psychiatrist. Worley has been a transpersonal psychologist for 24 years, and has a special interest in dreams. He also gives annual talks on Jung’s birthday, including this one that examines the four-year crisis after Jung broke with Sigmund Freud, his colleague and contemporary.

This talk from July 22, 2005 was recorded by CPN volunteer James Weissman. Worley produced a handout for those who attended, which is available here

This file is now off-line. If you would like to hear it, please contact us…

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  1. Can you kindly send me the file to my id. It would be very nice to have it as I am writing a paper regarding Carl Jung.

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