Wakeup Call: Trends in Elementary Education

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Jul 042005

An elementary school teacher is one of the hardest professions in the known universe. Not only do you have to cope with several children at once, you’ll also have to deal with the politics of accountability, concerned parents, and scarce resources. On this week’s show, Rick Moore speaks with two people who’ll help us understand why someone would take on the challenge.

“Roger” is a college student seeking to be an elementary school teacher, and if he does, he’ll be a rare breed. Most teachers of students in kindergarten to fifth grade are women. “Kathy” is a ten-year veteran of teaching who currently educates kids in an urban school district somewhere in Virginia.

The weekly commentary considers Independence Day in a country gone mad.

WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wakeup Call airs every week at 11:00 AM. Rick will take your phone calls at 979-0919 or 1-877-967-6762.

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30 Days: Great visual journalism worth watching

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Jul 012005

We’re only two months old, so we don’t have a lot of policies, or style
guides, or anything like that. But, when we first launched the site, we
didn’t expect to be doing personal reviews, or anything like that. And
we still don’t.

But this week, I watched a great television program on FX that embodies
the kind of journalism I think we need more of in this country. The show is
called 30 Days, and it’s by Morgan Spurlock, the same guy who spent a month eating nothing but McDonalds for the movie Super Size Me . This week’s episode is about a Christian guy from West Virginia who travels to Dearborn, Michigan, to live as a Muslim for 30 days.

This is my quick review of the show, which should be watched by anyone interested in getting past this crazy us versus them mentality that we seem to have in our country these days.

This story is no longer available.

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