Apr 282005

The Virginia Chapter of the National Autism Association is holding a conference this Saturday that will explore “Recent Advances in the Biology of Autism.” The conference comes at a time when the possibility of a link between thimerosol in vaccinations and autism has received a lot of attention in the Charlottesville area and the nation. The Hook’s April 7 cover story by Coy Barefoot and Alison Bell took a deep look at the issue, and New York Times science writer David Kirby came to town on April 17 to discuss his new book, Evidence of Harm. We’ve produced a story that takes a quick look at the issue in advance of the conference.

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  One Response to “Autism and Immunizations”

  1. Hello,

    I am a mother of Five who is also a nurse. I served in the active army and reserves for a total of 28 years. I saw what the “experimental” immunizations were doing to our troops…sadly their records( of all those in Desert Shield and Desert Storm and Europe…..) were all sent to the OK Federal Building a few days before the “Bomb” and were witnessed on all the chairs and tables in the inner Lobby of the VA clinic there – “For Inventory>”

    My Three youngest were all given more shots then ever my two oldest. We noticed some “problems” early on.

    The worst affected is my youngest…who has severe learning disablities and displays signs and symptoms of Aperger/Autism and learning deficits.

    I would love to be able to go to Washington and beg our Elected Officials to sit up and take note. I use to be public and Modivational speaker. I was for 5 years a international radio talk show host and broadcaster…..

    Our children are not for sale…to make the Drug companies wealthy…or our population to be used as Ginnie pigs…..

    SO many children are showing signs of problems here on the West coast……all by age 4 to 6 years of age and beyond….

    Thank you,


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